Nick Hissom has led an alluring life. He was raised primarily in London, the son of ex-pat Americans, spent his formative years at the prestigious Swiss boarding school Le Rosey, and graduated with degrees in history and anthropology from the Ivy League’s The University of Pennsylvania. Scouted by Ford Models while still in high school, Hissom has traveled the globe as a model, becoming the face of campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger and a go-to muse for renowned photographer Kai Z Feng.

Hissom’s international lifestyle has included exposure to some of the world’s biggest DJ’s and entry into the hottest nightclubs, an experience he credits with his developing a passion for music and eventually singing and writing his own songs. His first-ever live performance was an appearance with Manufactured Superstars at a Memorial Day Weekend party at Vegas nightclub Tryst. His second was performing in front of 50,000 people at the Electric Daisy Carnival with Manufactured Superstars. Hissom’s talent has led to his shooting a music video with Kenny Ortega (Michael Jackson’s This is It) and working with the music producers Dallas Austin (Janet Jackson, Madonna) and Mick Schultz (Jeremih, Zendaya). The latter produced Hissom’s debut single “If I Die Young,” an EDM-influenced pop confection about living for the moment that has become a European hit and climbed to No.1 in Turkey within 48 hours of release.

Despite his rarefied upbringing, Hissom is a grounded and hard-working individual whose drive to make music comes from wanting to infuse others’ lives with the same good feelings he’s been fortunate enough to experience. “Music, for me, is about making people happy,” he says. “Yes, I’ve had amazing things happen, but none of it matters if you’re alone. Fame and money mean nothing if you don't have good people around you and you can't share what you have.”

To that end, Hissom is drawn to making feel-good music that brings his natural European sophistication to American audiences. His sound combines the buoyant energy of pop vocals and melodies with the edgy beats of deep house, a genre that already dominates the charts in the U.K. and is rising in popularity in the U.S. Hissom cites Disclosure’s “Latch,” Robin Schulz’ remix of Mr. Probz’ “Waves,” and Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be” as akin to what he’s trying to accomplish, and also names pop icons Michael Jackson,, and Justin Timberlake as influences. “However when it comes to performing, I like big production, lots of dancing, and the spectacle that artists like Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Justin Timberlake create,” he says. “If I had to perform with just a guitar sitting in a chair for an hour singing…well, that’s just not me.”

Deciding to launch a music career wasn’t exactly a conventional choice for Hissom. As a young teenager, he was more interested in the stock market than what was being played on the radio. “I bought my first stock when I was 13 — Apple. I bought it at $50 a share and sold it at $70. I thought I was a genius,” he says with a laugh. Hissom thought he’d go into the family commercial real estate business. “I've always loved architecture and design and I can understand the flow and feel of a room and how that affects the emotions of the people entering it,” he explains. But fate intervened when a modeling scout found 17-year-old Hissom on Facebook. He spent the next several years juggling his college course-work with modeling, signing with agencies in London, Paris, Barcelona, Germany, and Denmark. But being a young male model isn’t as glamorous as one would think.

“I went to Paris for Fashion Week and they're not expecting you to book anything, so it was six guys and me living above the Gare du Nord train station in a tiny apartment,” he recalls. However, the experience toughened him up for the vagaries of the music industry. Once he told himself he wanted to make music, he recorded covers of Swedish House Mafia’s “Save The World” and The Fray’s “How To Save A Life” and sent them to several DJs he had become acquainted with through his stepfather, hotelier Steve Wynn. Manufactured Superstars’ Bradley Roulier and Shawn Sabo responded and asked him to fly to Denver to record a song called “Killin’ Tonight” with them. “I did final exams in-between recording sessions,” he says. In short order, Hissom shot a music video for the song and went on the road with the duo, an adventure that included a show at Denver’s fabled Red Rocks amphitheater performing in front of 30,000 people. Since then he’s performed in Ibiza and St. Tropez, and graced many red carpets, including at the Billboard Music Awards and the Young Hollywood Awards. He’s also received encouragement from no less a talent-spotter than Motown Records founder Berry Gordy Jr., who discovered The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye, among many others.

“It's always an honor to be around legends in all industries, but being around them isn’t enough,” Hissom says. “You have to impress them in your own right. They are also the harshest critics in the world. If you don't live up to their standards from day one, they’ll never work with you again.”

Hissom continues to aim high as he begins his next chapter after moving to Los Angeles: signing an artist development deal with powerhouse management entity, ReignDeer Select, led by Larry Rudolph and Rebecca Lambrecht. He is also collaborating with top songwriters and producers on the songs that will appear on his debut album. “Music is an extension of your personality, so you put whatever you're feeling into a song and then send it out into the world and hope that millions of people will connect to you,” he says. “I have been so lucky in life and my greatest joy is to share with other people the things that I have been given, especially telling my story through my music. There’s nothing cooler than that.”

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  • Q&A: 'If I Die Young' Singer Nick Hissom
    Q&A: 'If I Die Young' Singer Nick Hissom

    Plenty of college students celebrate their 21st birthdays in Las Vegas, but how many can also say their bash doubled as a music release party? Such is the exotic life of former Tommy Hilfiger model, current Ivy Leaguer, and newly minted recording artist Nick Hissom, who will release his first album next year. The college senior, who grew up in London and Switzerland, now splits his time between Philadelphia (where he’s majoring in history at the University of Pennsylvania) and LA, the home base of his recording studio and producers.

    While Hissom shows marked determination for someone his age, he’s had an excellent role model in his equally ambitious stepdad: hotel magnate Steve Wynn. We sat down with the singer to chat about launching his career and his dreams for the future.


  • July 4th, 2013, Nick Hissom Birthday Celebration, At Encore Beach Club
    July 4th, 2013, Nick Hissom Birthday Celebration, At Encore Beach Club

    Sawyer Hartman, Joe Sugg, Nick Hissom and Caspar Lee arrive at Hissom's birthday celebration at "Encore Beach Club at Night" at the Encore Beach Club at Wynn Las Vegas on July 3, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for Encore Beach Club)

    Nick Hissom Birthday Celebration At Encore Beach Club
  • September 9th, 2013
    Nick Hissom Releases If I Die Young Music Video
    September 9th, 2013 Nick Hissom Releases If I Die Young Music Video

    Nick Hissom Releases the music video for his debut single If I Die Young starring Playboy's Miss July Alyssa Arce

  • July 4th, 2013 Nick Hissom at No.1 on Number1FM
    July 4th, 2013 Nick Hissom at No.1 on Number1FM

    Nick Hissom at No1. on Number1 FM; Celebrates 21st Birthday and Single Release at Wynn Nightclubs

    Fresh off the release of the debut single 'If I Die Young,' British-American recording artist Nick Hissom celebrated the single's digital release along with his 21st birthday at Tryst, XS, and Encore Beach Club in Wynn Las Vegas last weekend.

    Hissom joined Manufactured Superstars at Tryst Nightclub inside Wynn Las Vegas on July 4 to kick off the holiday weekend and his birthday celebration. He continued the celebration at XS and Encore Beach Club throughout the weekend; joined at his festivities by Afrojack, Steve Wynn, Andrea Wynn, Dirty South, Playboy's Miss July Alyssa Arce (who stars in Nick's upcoming music video), Playmate of the Year 2011 Claire Sinclair and several of his personal friends.

    In the midst of the festivities, Hissom's single 'If I Die Young' claimed the top spot in Turkey via Number1 FM Radio.

  • July 20th, 2013, Proud Papa: Hissom Performs at VIP Room St. Tropez
    July 20th, 2013, Proud Papa: Hissom Performs at VIP Room St. Tropez

    Steve Wynn provided international parental support for his stepson Nick Hissom for the budding singer's gig in St. Tropez Monday night. Wynn, who has been vacationing on his yacht in the Mediterranean, flew from Ibiza to St. Tropez to see Nick perform his new single, If I Die Young, at the VIP Room nightclub. Hotelier Wynn is married to Nick's mother, Andrea Hissom, and the couple flew to St. Tropez the same day to make Nick's gig. Nick, who is finishing his first album, played his party-friendly song repeatedly for the crowd gathered at the club. He shot a video for If I Die Young around July Fourth in California with Playboy's Miss July, Alyssa Arce.

  • September 6th, 2013, Exclusive: Nick Hissom Finds Love in If I Die Young Music Video
    EXCLUSIVE: Nick Hissom Finds Love in 'If I Die Young' Music Video

    London-born Nick Hissom got his start as a model, working with Tommy Hilfiger and starring in editorials in magazines like GQ and Interview. But on July 1, the 21-year-old officially entered the music world with the release of his debut solo single, the EDM-pop anthem If I Die Young. And now Fuse is exclusive premiering the track's music video - watch above!

    Directed by Brian Michael Henderson (The Game, Kendrick Lamar), the video features Playboy model Alyssa Arce as Hissom's romantic conquest. Shot in Malibu and Death Valley, If I Die Young is the perfect visual representation of young love; a world where the only thing that matters are walks on the beach, late-night parties and lovingly obsessing over your crush. Hissom, an Electric Daisy Carnival alum who previously worked with DJ duo Manufactured Superstars, also co-produced If I Die Young, which blends EDM-friendly bass drops with Hissom's anthemic, catchy vocals.

  • July 1st, 2013
    Nick Hissom - If I Die Young (Original Mix)
    Nick Hissom - If I Die Young (Original Mix)

    British-American recording artist Nick Hissom bursts onto the scene with the release of his debut single 'If I Die Young.' An ode to a friend who lost her battle with cancer, Hissom's debut is a catchy pop blend of soaring melodies, electro drops and powerful vocals. The release of 'If I Die Young' comes at the tail end of Nick supporting the Manufactured Superstars on their latest North American tour, including headlining performances on the main stage at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas and at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. Listen to the track after the break, and expect more from the up-and-coming talent in the near future.

  • July 22nd, 2013, Nick Hissom on New Single, Music Video and Debut Album

    Nick Hissom on New Single, Music Video and Debut Album

    When we interview Nick Hissom for the first time a bit over a year ago, music was a dream he's trying to fulfill. Passion and hard work paid off for the 21-year-old talented singer, who released his first new single earlier this month celebrating life, love and happiness. Nick Hissom talks to Glamoholic about his new single If I Die Young, shooting his first music video and recording his debut album.

    Glamoholic Magazine (GM): Your new single If I Die Young is now available. How does it feel to be one step closer to fulfilling your dream? Nick Hissom (NH): It feels great to finally be able to share my music with the world; however, I'm working harder than ever now to make sure that each song is better than the one before it!

    Read More
  • July 23rd, 2013
    Nick Hissom on Nights Live with Adam Bomb
    July 23rd, 2013
    Nick Hissom on Nights Live with Adam Bomb

    Cumulus Media: Nick Hissom Premieres his debut single If I Die Young to US National Top 40 Radio on Night's Live with Adam Bomb

    Adam Bomb (AB): Stepping up to the mic. is new artist Nick Hissom, where would we have seen you before Nick?
    Nick Hissom (NH): I was performing in France and I've been in Vegas a lot. I started as a model a few years ago and started working with Kai Z Feng and Tommy Hilfiger. Since then I've diversified into music and it has become a passion of mine.

    AB: Let's talk about your childhood. You grew up all over the place. What's it like growing up in the UK?
    NH: It's different being a kid in the UK vs. being a kid in America. In the UK the driving and drinking age is lower, so people mature much much faster. From age 14 I was living a very independent life.

    AB: What's the first car you ever got?
    NH: My Grandfather had this old car called Woody, we used to go wreck it out in Arkansas on his ranch. It didn't do very well off-roading!

    AB: Tell us this first moment when it all got started with music, you made the announcement at the Billboard Music Awards 2012.
    NH: I met DJ duo Manufactured Superstars in Vegas and flew to Denver in between my final exams. I then announced that I would be pursuing music to the press at the Billboard Music Awards. Berry Gordy and Tommy Hilfiger were with me walking the white carpet, it was so surreal!

    AB: I've heard the single and it's a dance track, tell us about it first, and how you are going to separate yourself from everybody else who sings pop and dance music
    NH: Mick Schultz - who worked with Jeremih and 50 Cent - and Downtown Drive - who co-wrote Believe for Justin Bieber - gave me the song and it instantly resonated with me. I love the big vocal hooks, I love the dance drop, the high energy, and the happiness. I also wanted something to hit hard emotionally with good lyrical content, because I think that there is a lot of fluff in pop music these days and I want to do something which transcends that.

  • April 11th, 2012
    Nick Hissom
    April 11th, 2012 Nick Hissom - DISCOVERY

    For many of us, college is a time filled with micro-wave meals, sweatpants, and a palpable lack of anything resembling glamour. For 19-year-old London-born Nick Hissom, the experience has been one of fantastic parallel realities-as he alternates between his studies at the University of Pennsylvania and his other life as an increasingly in-demand male model. I take all of my classes on Tuesday and Thursday, which leaves my schedule free for work, says Hissom who lives on campus in Philadelphia. I've been going to New York most week-ends for jobs, but this semester I'm taking lots of film and philosophy classes, so I'm focusing on getting perfect grades. After he was discovered in 2009, whilst still in high school in Switzerland, Hissom initially signed with Ford and soon found himself traveling around the world, often with only a pile of schoolbooks to keep him company. I'd like to break the stereotype, to be able to say to people that models aren't dumb, he says. According to Hissom-who has appeared in ad campaigns for Van Der, modeled for Tommy Hilfiger, and is now represented by boutique agency The Talent Net-all the commuting time actually gives him a chance to do homework. But academics and fashion are only two of his many pursuits: He hopes to release his first pop single through a Serbian record label this summer, and has other long-term plans as well. I feel like my ideal career would probably be in the hospitality industry, he says. I love hotels and architecture and managing people. It's a strange idea, model-turned-hotelier. Right now, I'm having a lot of fun doing what I'm doing. - T. COLE RACHEL

  • February 14th, 2012
    Nick Hissom for Tommy Hilfiger
    February 14th, 2012 Nick Hissom for Tommy Hilfiger

    (L) Nick Hissom walks the runway at Tommy Hilfiger's S/S 2012 Campaign Show ft. Cobra Starship

    (R) Model/Recording Artist Nick Hissom attends the Tommy Hilfiger S/S 2012 Women's Show during NYFW

  • September 10th, 2013, Nick Hissom Celebrates Music Video Release with Ne-Yo and Gigi Hadid
    September 10th, 2013, Nick Hissom Celebrates Music Video Release with Ne-Yo and Gigi Hadid

    Nick Hissom Celebrates Music Video Release with Ne-Yo and Gigi Hadid

    Nick Hissom celebrated the release of the music video for his debut single If I Die Young alongside friends Ne-Yo, Angela Simmons, Peter Brant Jr., and Supermodels Gigi Hadid and Xiao Wen, at the Jazz Room at the General, NYC.

  • May 28th, 2012, Nick Hissom's Debut at Tryst Draws Paris Hilton and Lil' Jon
    May 28th, 2012, Nick Hissom's Debut at Tryst Draws Paris Hilton and Lil' Jon

    Model and recording artist Nick Hissom premiered his single Killin' Tonight at Tryst in Wynn Las Vegas on Sunday night, and the 19-year-old's debut included a performance with DJ duo Manufactured Superstars (DJs Shawn Sabo and Brad Roulier).

    Hissom's mother Andrea Wynn and stepfather Steve Wynn watched from the front row as the favorite of Tommy Hilfiger performed with Morgan Larson. Check out Senior Editor John Katsilometes' chat with Hissom posted Sunday ahead of the performance at the nightspot.

    Paris Hilton and her father Rick Hilton were at a VIP table just off the dance floor. After the performance, Hissom and Paris chatted and posed for photographers. Hilton later tweeted, @NickHissom, congrats on an amazing performance tonight! So proud of you! Love your new song with @MF_Superstars!

    Lil Jon, who took over the DJ booth after Hissom's song, greeted Hissom as he finished and gave him props for his first performance. The evening was recorded for a music video directed by Kenny Ortega (Dirty Dancing, High School Musical, Michael Jackson's This Is It).

    Nick said, Being able to perform tonight at Tryst on Memorial Day Weekend was an incredible rush. Filming a music video with Kenny Ortega, and recording a song with Manufactured Superstars, are things, which, quite honestly, I thought I'd never have time for due to my studies at the University of Pennsylvania. I guess life is full of surprises! I don't know where the entertainment industry will take me, but I do know that I'm working hard, thankful to my team and having the time of my life. I can't wait for my next performance in New York this Wednesday!

    Hissom's Tryst performance is the first of many dates with Manufactured Superstars as they embark on a summer-long tour across the U.S. and Europe to promote Killin' Tonight. Hissom performs Wednesday at Gabrielle's Angels Foundation Millennial Ball at Lavo NYC.

  • October 1st, 2013
    Model and DJ Nick Hissom's Young Success
    October 1st, 2013 Model and DJ Nick Hissom's Young Success

    Model and DJ Nick Hissom's Young Success

    Studying at an Ivy League institution like the University of Pennsylvania is challenging even for the brightest of students. Now imagine balancing classes with your other full-time gig: walking the runways at New York Fashion Week. Such was Nick Hissom's auspicious introduction into adulthood four years ago.

    Now 21, the former Tommy Hilfiger model has since traded turns on the runway for turntables. His first single, If I Die Young, is an upbeat dance track that's already receiving heavy airplay at nightclubs around the world. I want to make songs that make people feel good, Hissom says. A mom and daughter could listen to them in the car on the way to school. Or you hear them at a rave with all of your friends. They're totally versatile and always uplifting and edgy.

    Recorded with the expert guiding hand of producer Mick Schultz, the song may mark Hissom's first solo foray into the world of dance music, but he's certainly no industry neophyte. In May, he partnered with the lauded DJ/production due Manufactured Superstars to sing vocals on the track Killin' Tonight. The music video was studded with cameos from marquee dance-music names like Tiesto and Afrojack.

    Adding to the stress of recording the song and shooting the video, however, was a problem with which every college student is familiar: finals. I had to get special permission not to take my exams at Penn, Hissom says with a laugh. I flew to Denver, recorded the song, then flew to Vegas and kept doing exams that week.

    But multitasking is a specialty of the handsome, dark-haired Hissom. He was first scouted as a model at age 17 on Facebook, and only months later her was commuting back and forth between Penn and the catwalks of New York. It was crazy being at school and having my first coincide with my first-ever Fashion Week, he says. Hissom isn't one to shy away from pressure, however. Even with his burgeoning music career, the senior - majoring in history with a minor in anthropology - is still carrying a full course load.

    Penn has a very good history department, he says about what attracted him to the university. It was the last school I looked at but the first school I really fell in love with. Hissom's stepfather, hotel magnate Steve Wynn, is an alumnus and was very supportive of his stepson following in his footsteps.

    But when Hissom graduates this spring, he'll put the books away to focus fully on being a musician. For now, he's hoping to release an album early in 2014. And after that? In five years I want to be on at least my fourth or fifth album, he says. I could make music forever. I would never get tired of doing that.

  • July 4th, 2012
    On a Roll: Nick Hissom
    July 4th, 2012 On a Roll: Nick Hissom

    On A Roll: Nick Hissom

    At just 20 years old, Nick Hissom has already lived a life most people only dream about. Performing at Tryst Nightclub? Been there. Dinner with Steve Aoki? Done that. Enjoying a T-bone steak in bed? All the baby-faced It boy who's modeled for Tommy Hilfiger has to do is simply call room service. Such is life at Wynn Las Vegas, which the model and singer has called his part-time home since his mother, Andrea, married casino magnate Steve Wynn in April 2011. Just don't think such perks have turned Hissom into a slacker. On the contrary, he's a history major at the University of Pennsylvania (his full-time residence is in Philadelphia), and the aspiring entertainer possesses the pose and work ethic far beyond his age, A lot of people tell me I'm an old soul, he says. I was one of those kids that when I was 12 years old I was into the stock market.

    Hissom's internal drive has helped him successfully navigate the notoriously tough fashion industry; where he has become of a favorite of not only Hilfiger, but also magazine editors, as he's appeared on the fashion pages of Zink and GQ Style Italy. So how did the model end up adding singer to his resume? By accident. I always knew I could sing since I was little, but I never considered it to be a viable career until about a year ago. After a friend who's an aspiring singer skipped out on a meeting that Hissom set up with a management company, Hissom ended up performing for the executives instead. The levelheaded kid was hesitant about pursuing yet another vocation, but the positive feedback he received in the meeting made it hard to resist, so he set about chasing another dream.

    Not that it would take long to realize. Being a part of the family, it was only natural Hissom would rub elbows with the roster of top DJ talent that has residences at numerous Wynn/Encore nightclubs. It was XS nightclub managing partner Jesse Waits who introduced him to DJ duo Manufactured Superstars. Two months later they were putting the final touches on their collaboration Killin' Tonight, which the trio performed in front of tends of thousands at the Electric Daisy Carnival in June. Hissom's goal is to create music that sounds just as good booming in a nightclub as being played in the car - a sound he calls a combination of dance-pop and house music. But he hasn't gone so far as recording a full album just yet. I have some more tracks in production, which I'm very excited about, so we'll see where that takes me, he says. As an emerging artist I want to be cautious about what I put out there, because I want to give my all on every record.

    For now he's having fun with his new career, spending the summer traveling to Los Angeles to rehearse for performances (he has a gig at Red Rock Resort Amphitheater July 21 before heading to Pacha in Ibiza) and filming a music video, which features cameos from notable DJs, including a scene where he and Afrojack race Ferraris. Which seems about right given that Hissom's living life in the proverbial fast lane. I wouldn't want to spend my youth just hanging out, he says.

  • July 4th, 2013
    Hissom's New Hit
    July 4th, 2013 Hissom's New Hit

    Hissom's New Hit

    Nick Hissom, the son of casino mogul Steve Wynn's wife, Andrea Hissom, has launched his first single. The singer released If I Die Young on iTunes Monday, and wrapped the video with Playboy's Miss July Alyssa Arce on Tuesday in Death Valley and in Malibu, Calif. Hissom produced the track with collaborators including Downtown Drive, who co-wrote Justin Bieber's song Believe. The song is described as a feel-good summer track, but Hissom also said it's an emotional ode to a friend I lost to cancer this year. Hissom launched If I Die Young at his 21st birthday party at Tryst Nightclub at - where else? - the Wynn Las Vegas last night.

  • May 27th, 2012, Entering Debut at Tryst, Nick Hissom is a Model for a Rapid Rise to Prominence
    May 27th, 2012, Entering Debut at Tryst, Nick Hissom is a Model for a Rapid Rise to Prominence

    This kid has so much game, it's scary.

    As Nick Hissom walked the white carpet at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards last Sunday, he sported Tommy Hilfiger attire. He looked pretty snappy and smart in a gray jacket, a white shirt striped thickly in bold colors and Brandies blue pants. His smile flashed, and so did his battery-powered sneakers, which pulsated in a neon-styled strobe effect designed by Hissom himself. As a model hired by the company, the dashing young Hissom, 19, is aggressively supported by Hilfiger. For real, too. The actual Tommy Hilfiger was standing less than 10 feet from Hissom as he posed for photos.

    Hissom also is making his debut as a recording artist at a club in a resort owned by Steve Wynn, and the person making that known was... the actual Steve Wynn. Nick is a very talented guy, a very smart guy - he's going to Penn, just like I did - and is a budding star, Wynn said. He's got a lot of talent. Hissom is entering his junior year at Penn. He is a history major, studying international cultures, himself already a man of the world who is off to Paris Fashion Week in June sporting the latest Hilfiger designs. And more relevantly, Hissom's mother is Andrea Wynn, formerly Andrea Hissom, and thus is the stepson of Steve Wynn.

    The importance and value of that familial connection to the resort magnate can't be disputed. Wynn is the owner of such nightclubs as Tryst at Wynn Las Vegas, where Hissom appears tonight at midnight with the electronic dance music DJ duo Manufactured Superstars to debut their single Killin' Tonight, on which Hissom sings lead vocals. It is the first appearance in a series of club dates in the U.S. and Europe for the recently formed music partnership. The new song is good enough that Berry Gordy Jr. liked it. This is the same Gordy who founded Motown Records, for whom Wynn played the song in a limo on the way to the Billboard Music Awards.

    The song's viability is bolstered by the support of master producer, director and choreographer Kenny Ortega, who has choreographed the appearance by Hissom tonight at Tryst. Thus, there will be a high measure of organized dancing in this evening's performance. But Hissom isn't giving away too many details. That's a bit of a secret, Hissom says, adding that high-caliber dancer/choreographer Christopher Scott also has a hand in the production of tonight's showcase. Hissom allows that there will be a lot of dancing, a lot of movement, some very fun, lively, young dancing and a futuristic vibe.

  • October 21st, 2011
    Nick Hissom: Hilfiger Model and Recording Artist
    October 21st, 2011 Nick Hissom: Hilfiger Model and Recording Artist

    Fashion TV's Angel Ball Coverage:

    As an up and coming New York social fixture, model, and recording artist, Nick Hissom, the stepson of legendary Vegas Casino mogul Steve Wynn, is blazing hot right now as a Special Bookings model exclusively for designer Tommy Hilfiger. Hissom, having just returned from London where he completed his recordings for three songs to be placed on his upcoming EP, will also be beginning his music promotional tour as of summer 2012.

    Interview with Chance TV at the Angel Ball:

    Chance TV caught up with Nick at the Gabrielle's Angels Foundation's Angel Ball, where Hissom walked the red carpet clad in a Tommy Hilfiger tuxedo alongside the designer himself.

    Chance TV: So Nick, I hear you're a model and a recording artist
    Nick Hissom: Yes, I've been modeling for Tommy Hilfiger for about a year now and I'll be going into the music industry as of 2012

    CTV: When did you get discovered and how did it happen?
    NH: I got discovered actually on Facebook. I was then able to sign with the right agencies and meet the right people

    CTV: Great! Now tell me about music, how did you branch off into that?
    NH: It began when a music producer from Serbia, he found me, and then he signed me to his record label which is called Music Star, and I have been working to produce tracks in the pop/house market for about three months now

    CTV: Cool! So you've got the modeling, now the music, soon you'll be producing/directing right?
    NH: No, not acting actually... I go to UPenn in Philadelphia, so that takes up most of my time when I'm not singing or modeling

    CTV: Wow, you're in college and a good one at that! At the same time you're doing all of this other stuff... do you sleep?
    NH: I do! Sometimes! Actually I'm heading back to school after this event. I won't sleep much tonight though!

    CTV: I'm impressed! Well, keep those grades up! Just because you're a model/superstar/recording artist doesn't give you an excuse, I want straight A's alright?
    NH: For sure!

  • March 1st, 2012, Nick Hissom Cataclysm: From Model to Musician, This Boy Gets Around
    March 1st, 2012, Nick Hissom Cataclysm: From Model to Musician, This Boy Gets Around

    To look at model/recording artist Nick Hissom, a lean Brit-born American Ivy Leaguer with perfect skin and eyes that intrigue, it's hard to believe he is as unassuming as the boy-next-door. Discovered as a model at age 17 (just a few years ago) on Facebook, Hissom has quickly acquired a professional modeling experience that would make even a seasoned model do a double take. Special bookings for Tommy Hilfiger, hobnobbing with celebs and cutting a soon-to-be released EP are all elements of the successful mix that keeps Nick Hissom going.

    The stepson of Las Vegas casino billionaire Steve Wynn, Hissom expertly balances his studies and his career, with little chance to slow down. Modeling, Hissom's initial professional endeavor, is leading to big things. Working with renowned photographer Kai Z Feng has offered him the opportunity of a lifetime. I e-mailed pictures of myself to Kai Z Feng, who is one of the top photographers in the world. explains Hissom. Initially posing for Feng's own clothing line Van Der, and then Feng's Christmas campaign, the height of Hissom's work with Feng materialized in February 2011 when Hissom opened the main fashion story for a major Italian men's publication. Kai Z Feng is one of Hissom's closest friends and his European agent, I've worked very closely with Tommy Hilfiger and a major US art, and entertainment publication. Both parties are like family to me, and I continue to maintain great relationships with them. I also get to wear Tommy clothes to a bunch of great events so that's a big plus! says Hissom. Of his hectic schedule Hissom comments, my clients and future-jobs are always changing and the fashion industry moves at a lightening pace. One minute you think you'll be working in New York for one client, and the next, you've changed all of your plans and are on a European tour with a whole new set of clients.

  • December 3rd, 2011
    Swishly Ballroom: The Crillon Ball in Paris
  • March 3rd, 2011
    Who Am I?
  • March 8th, 2012
    VIPs and Stars Celebrate Opening of TopShop
  • November 17th, 2010
    Nick Hissom: Model Student
  • January 8th, 2011
    Nick Hissom's Winter Extravaganza in London
  • March 11th, 2011
    Wynn Will Have Model Stepson



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